Moringa Drumstick

Moringa Fruit Powder or Drumstick powder
(moringa pod POWDER)

Moringa PKM1 seed and powder moringa olefera seed powder drumstick seed powder The young pods, known as "drumsticks" by Indian communities, are cooked and reportedly have a taste like asparagus. They are sold fresh and canned in many Asian markets. Tinned drumsticks are exported from India, Sri Lanka and Kenya to Europe and Asia. They are eaten much like green beans. The green peas and surrounding white material can be removed from larger pods and cooked in various ways.

Moringa Fruit powder is 100 % pure. The matured Moringa Fruit is sorted and cut in to small pieces and shadow dried. The Moringa fruit is grinded to get the powder. This powder is then sieved and packed. The Moringa Fruit powder is very rich in Nutrients. Regular intake of Moringa Fruit powder as a natural supplement will help to maintain the nutritional profile of the body.

Nutrient content of the Moringa Fruit powder

Calories/ Energy / 100 gm 326.20 kcal
Total Fat / 100 gm 4.0 gm
Protein / 100 gm 9.32 gm
Carbohydrates / 100 gm 57.50 gm
Dietary Fiber / 100 gm 12.39 gm
Calcium / 100 gm 350 mg
Phosphorus / 100 gm 440.0 mg
Iron / 100 gm 0.0010 mg
Vitamin A / 100 gm 4127 IU
Vitamin B1 / 100 gm 0.37 mg
Vitamin B2 / 100 gm 1.79 mg
Vitamin C / 100 gm 178.16 mg