Moringa Drumstick

Moringa leaves Powder

moringa leaf powder moringa oleifera leaves powder drumstick leaves powder Moringa Leaf powder is 100 % pure. The fresh Moringa leaves are plucked from the Moringa tree and the leaves are sorted. These leaves are then shadow dried to retain the Nutrients present in it. The dried Moringa leaves are then crushed to get the Moringa Leaf powder. This powder is then sieved and packed. The Moringa Leaf powder can be taken by mixing the Moringa leaf powder with the Orange juice or any other beverages. Taking this nutrient rich powder continuously will increase the nutritional profile of the individual. Recommended dosage of Moringa Leaf Powder is One teaspoon.

"For pregnant and breast-feeding women, moringa leaves and pods can do much to preserve the mother's health and pass on strength to the fetus or nursing child. One 100 g portion of leaves could provide a woman with over a third of her daily need of calcium and give her important quantities of iron, protein, copper, sulfur and B-vitamins."

Moringa leaes powder drumstick leaves powder moringa powder moringa dry leaves powder Moringa leaf powder can be used as a tea, added to beverages, sprinkled on food or taken in capsules. It can be used in cooking, but high temperatures destroy some of the nutrients.

A teaspoonful or so can be placed directly under the tongue and washed down with water, but care must be taken not to breathe the fine powder.
Moringa leaf powder is loaded with nutrition, easy to make, easy to store and easy to use. The ways to incorporate Moringa leaf powder into the diet are truly endless.

Nutrient content of the Moringa Leaf powder

CALCIUM 2.8 g/100g
CARBOHYDRATES 53.47 g/100g
CRUDE FIBRE 8.65 g/100g
ENERGY 358.22 kcal/100g
FAT 5.87 g/100g
IRON 32.3 mg/100g
MAGNESIUM 825 mg/100g
MOISTURE 7.43 g/100g
POTASSIUM 1.16 g/100g
PROTEIN (N*6.25) 22.89 g/100g
TOTAL ASH 22.89 g/100g
E.coli Absent/g