Moringa Drumstick

Moringa pod or moringa Fruit or Drumstick

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Moringa fruit, like almost any other part of the tree, is particularly prized for its high nutritional value. Due to a plethora of vitamins and micronutrients, the fruit of the tree is well known for promoting good health and helping to alleviate a host of ailments. With the growing availability of Moringa powder as a health supplement, people beyond the Moringa Oleifera's native environment are finding out what those in the tropics already know about its numerous benefits.

• If eaten raw, pods act as a de-wormer and treat liver and spleen problems and pains of the joints.

• Due to high protein and fibre content they can play a useful part in treating malnutrition and diarrhoea

Nutrition content of the Moringa Fruit or Moringa Pod (Drumstick)

CALCIUM 30 mg/100g
CRUDE FIBRE 4.8 g/100g
ENERGY 26 kcal/100g
FAT 0.1 g/100g
IRON 5.3 mg/100g
MAGNESIUM 24 mg/100g
MOISTURE 86.9 g/100g
POTASSIUM 259 mg/100g
PROTEIN 2.5 g/100g
10 mg/100g
SULPHUR 137 mg/100g